Unbelievable Real Life Experience: What Happened Will Bring Tears

It was winter 2006, and at Moab (the mountainous strip at Jordan) where there are canyons. Temperatures usually drop drastically and spending nights there can be quite dangerous without warmth. Danelle Ballengee the World Champion adventure racer set out on a training run, and ended up stranded and badly injured. She spent fifty-six hours without any help, warmth, food, or medical assistance as she lay at the bottom of a remote canyon when she slipped and plummeted onto 60ft solid rock smashing her pelvis, which immobilize her.

All she had was her dog Taz, who was her only companion for as long as she had to live with the paralyzing injury. There was no way to ask for help in the 1000 square miles of barren uninhabited wilderness. Taz kept disappearing and reappearing while Danelle lay in pain. She thought he was a bad dog, abandoning her when she needed help. She yelled at him when he drank from the only puddle of water where she had somehow managed to drag herself.

Danelle remembers looking at her dog when he came to her to lick her face and her injured belly saying:

“Taz I’m hurt, I need help. Can you go get help?”

She didn’t know if Taz could understand her. He disappeared once again, and she hated him for leaving. She kept thinking he was such a bad dog.

It wasn’t until close to fifty hours of lying in pain, yelling out of agonizing pain, and watching the sky that Taz once again reappeared. This time he came with help!


Danelle remembers how Taz was truly her best friend, her only hope, and the best dog ever. She knows she shouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the loyalty and love of Taz, which she gravely misunderstood. Each time he vanished, he probably left her in search of help. When rescue came, Danelle couldn’t stop her tears because when she saw Taz she realized he was there for her! He brought her a second chance at life.

He was a good dog, a very good dog all along! Taz deserves much more than acknowledgement, but for now, your sharing this video would be more than enough.

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