Rescuing a Homeless Senior Dog From a Water Treatment Facility

Mufasa, a beautiful senior dog was found abandoned living in a water treatment facility in Los Angeles.


Another tear jerking video from Eldad and Hope For Paws who teamed up with Lionel’s Legacy a 501c3 non-profit San Diego based on senior dog rescue and humane education program for elementary school children.

Unfortunately the number of abandoned dogs on the streets of Los Angeles is not dropping and this is especially true for older dogs. For some reason, owners abandon them when they notice the first signs of aging.

This was the case of Mufasa too, a beautiful older dog that was found in a water treatment facility. He was living in a place where he could get in contact with many dangerous chemicals which made the rescue mission even more difficult. Although Mufasa was reserved about the help he was offered, he soon realized that this is his second chance.

Mufasa days after his rescue.
WWS_7252 copy 2
Photo by: WestWay Studio

There is no doubt that it can be quite difficult to establish a relation with a saved senior dog, but with a proper care you will soon receive all the love one dog can provide.

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