Rescued Raccoon Becomes Best Friends With A Coon Dog

Coonhound dogs are hunting dogs originating from the United States. Their ancestors were imported foxhounds. Through the process of mixing of different hunting hounds, breeders were able to get the popular coonhound dog.

Foxhounds were not useful for hunting animals that use trees to escape like raccoons, bobcats, and opossums. Foxhounds were unable to follow the scent once these animals left the ground.

This is where coonhounds came into play. They can hunt as a pack and what is interesting is that hunters don’t chase the prey together with coonhounds, they just wait for their dogs to locate the prey.

The official name of this breed is Black and Tan Coonhound and these dogs are known for their loyalty and persistence. They are also very strong and they can assist hunters on almost any terrain. Even though they are not known as family dogs, the fact is that people who keep them in their homes as pets have excellent experience with them.

As a matter of fact, in this video, we can see their true nature. This coonhound has become a close friend with a rescued raccoon and it seems that both animals are having great fun while fooling around together. via

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