Puppy Confused About The New Water Bowl

Landseer Newfoundlander is a strong, tall and balanced dog. But, just like any other dog breed, when they are puppies they look gentle, small and cute. Just take a close look at the fellow in this video. He is adorable!

The Landseer is a dog breed with an incredible temperament. These dogs are very good, generous, courageous and extremely intelligent. This is a patient dog and friendly too. Even though it’s big and looks intimidating to some people, it loves to play with kids. What is interesting is that they love to swim and it is not unusual for them to enter a lake or a river when you are walking close to some of these sources of water.

In this video we can see that this urge to swim and enter water starts at the earliest age. This puppy Landseer was given a bowl of water, but instead of drinking it, the small puppy carefully enters the bowl and sits down.

Some people might think that the puppy is not very intelligent, but the fact is that they just need to swim. It is probably warm in the room where the video is taken or maybe it is summertime and this is the reason why the small Landseer prefers to take a bath instead of drinking the water. via

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