Izzy The Pit Bull Wakes Up In The Most Adorable Way

When dog owners are asked to list a few things they like the most about their dogs, they usually point out that their expression of excitement and happiness when they get back home is among the most attractive things about their dogs.

Unlike people, dogs are almost always prepared to play with you and fool around to amuse their owners. So, it doesn’t really matter if they are awake or asleep, they can turn their PLAY mode immediately.

The owner of Izzy the pit bull took a video of a situation like this. Just look at the adorable face of this pit bull while she is asleep. It seems that she is dreaming about having fun with other dogs or enjoying some beautiful snacks. But, when her owner carefully wakes her up, the dog greets the owner in a cute way.

All dogs, regardless of their breed love their owners and they will do anything to make them happy. via

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