Meet Wally, a Rabbit So Cute It’s Hard to Believe He’s Real

Rabbits are already cute as it is, but this one is a definite standout. Wally is an English Angora that has his very own Instagram page, and it’s no wonder, because he’s simply spectacular.

Wally and his owner Molly have become famous on Instagram for their clever commentary, cuteness, and that crazy hairstyle he gets that leaves him looking absolutely adorable.

Angoras are often bred for their long, silky wool which is even softer than cashmere. Unfortunately, that can lead to horrific conditions and sad lives for the poor rabbits. The good news is that Wally is one happy rabbit, enjoying being pampered by his loving owner in Massachusetts while showing off what a good pet he is.

With a face like that, how can you not love him – isn’t Wally the absolutely the cutest rabbit you’ve ever seen? Watch him adorably hop around in the video below. via

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