Howling Husky Throws Adorable Tantrum About Having To Leave The Dog Park

If your dog is like most dogs, then it probably loves visiting the dog park. This is quite natural because this is the place where they can meet other dogs, run and fool around with them and enjoy some toys and objects made specifically for them.

Of course, their owners love dog parks too because they get a chance to talk to other dog owners. Sharing experience with other dog owners can sometimes be quite useful and fun. Even sitting quietly in these parks can be rewarding because you can observe how your dog acts and communicates with other dogs.

The owner of this husky has an interesting problem. Namely, when she decides that it is time to go, the dog throws a tantrum. It looks like the lovely husky in this video can’t get enough of the dog park activities.

His adorable tantrum will put a smile on your face. via

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