Former Puppy Mill Dog Experiences Bed for the First Time

In case you didn’t know, puppy mills represent facilities in which puppies are bred for sale. Even though this might sound normal to some people, the fact is that puppy mills usually try to intensify this process and leave dogs and puppies to live in substandard conditions. They look like some kind of breeding factories where the lives of dogs are not respected at all.

Dogs that live in puppy mills are often sick and witness great emotional suffering.

In this video, Delilah the dog was saved from a puppy mill less than a year ago. She lived in a small cage for almost nine years before the National Mill Dog Rescue organization rescued her.

After cleaning and washing her, the team put the dog in a soft bed and Delilah couldn’t hide her happiness!

This was the first time for this dog to feel a ‘real’ warm and soft bed. via

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