Big Dog Begs Tiny Kitten To Play

It is always an interesting thing to see how dogs react to new pets in the home especially if the new pet is a cat. Many pet owners are reading books and watching videos in order to understand how dogs react and what they can do to make this addition of a new pet more painless.

In this video we can see a relatively big dog, trying to understand what this small kitten is doing in his home. It is obvious that the dog is not aggressive and the funny thing is that it looks almost completely uninterested.

When the kitten sits in front of him, he is using his muzzle to make the kitten go away. But, the kitten doesn’t want to go away and keeps coming back.

Some people say that the dog is actually playing, but no one knows for sure because the dog’s facial expression is lifeless and very funny.

What we can tell is that these two will get along quite well, but only when the cat grows a little bit.

Obviously, the cute kitten still doesn’t understand who’s the boss, so the dog has to restrict its own comfort to explain these things in a non-violent way. via

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