Baby Opossums Eating Watermelon

Let’s be clear, there are dozens of other animals that look cuter than opossums, but just like in the case of almost any animal, their babies look super cute.

In this video, we can see a group of five baby opossums that are just a couple of weeks old. The person who takes care of them has decided to give them a bowl of sweet, tasty watermelon. It looks like they can’t get enough of this treat!

While we are talking about opossums, it is good to mention that many of these animals are dying on the roads all over America. Ironically, their skill to play dead when they sense danger often kills them.

Namely, they play dead when they hear a car and they usually stay on the road. Speeding cars often run over them because the drivers think they are already dead. The opossums you see in this video are orphans and their mother died in a car accident like this. via

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