When Animals Also Exploring The Idea of Bullying

Most of us have life altering encounters with bullies at different points in life. As if this wasn’t enough, now animals are also exploring the idea of bullying.


Animals are also social creatures like humans, and they interact with one another in a unique and diverse manner. Things can get hilarious when you are around pets, and if you happen to have a camera, there is nothing better than catching it all on tape. This is something you hardly get to see. Pets turning into bullies can really sound unbelievable, which is why; you have to watch this video to believe it. It’s as real as bullying can get.

We see bigger humans bully weaker ones by pulling off unfair and sometimes insulting pranks. What would you say or do when your pet starts acting weird on you?

You would want to laugh your head off instead of wanting to thrash the pet. Sometimes, putting different species of animals like cats and parrots can be fun too. The way they react to one another would be epic and would make you laugh until you cannot catch your breath or feel your legs.

What are these creatures thinking when they act like jerks? To be honest, it is almost impossible to be too sure unless we can invent a pet-thought translator device. Mostly, though, it seems they are just being what seems obvious, “Jerks!” and there is no better way to explain it.

However, according to some pet lovers, it can be curiosity, which turns into an accidental annoying act for the other animal. The victim or bullied side of the story feels bad and tortured of course, but on the up side, watching them can really make your day even better with laughter.

In this video, you will see how cats bully each other, dogs bully other dogs and sometime, these pets even bully their owners. It’s unbelievable that these social creatures can turn into mini demons, waiting for a chance to have some fun at your expense. Nonetheless, it is always a delight if you are a pet lover. In a twisted but loving way, whatever your pet does makes you love them even more, because they are your loved ones and an important part of your life.

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